An indispensable commodity

100 years ago, the early use of tungsten as filament in incandescent light bulbs brightened our lives with warmth.


Today, tungsten shapes our lives, as an essential tooling material in many vital industries, such as automotive, aerospace, transport, mining, construction, electronics, energy, medical and a few more.

Tungsten applications

About Tungsten

The highest melting point of all metals, a density similar to gold and, combined with carbon, as tungsten carbide, a hardness close to diamond make tungsten the obvious choice for demanding technical applications in our modern world.

Established recycling, development of natural resources, as well as a focus on environmentally sound and safe production and use, is a priority in the tungsten industry.

International Tungsten Industry Association

The International Tungsten Industry Association (ITIA), a not-for-profit trade association, with scientific purposes to support the tungsten industry worldwide, with a membership ranging from miners to converters, to consumers, to recyclers and traders.