The International Tungsten Industry Association (ITIA) was formally inaugurated in 1988 and is registered under Belgian Law as a not-for-profit trade association with scientific purposes to support the tungsten industry. The membership ranging from miners to converters to consumers to recyclers and to traders.


The principal aims of the ITIA are defined as follows:

  • to promote the use of tungsten and tungsten products
  • to co-ordinate the extensive work programme of the ITIA Health, Safety and Environment Committee, including:
    • regulatory and classification issues,
    • monitoring proposed legislation,
    • developing scientific data on the impact of tungsten on human health and the environment,
    • in response to the EU’s legislation “REACH”, ITIA set up a Tungsten Consortium which is open to Association members and non-members alike
  • to organise regular meeting fora (Annual General Meetings – AGMs), events at which the worldwide tungsten industry gathers and a variety of industry and general papers is presented
  • to collate from different sources, comprehensive statistics covering tungsten production, processing, consumption and end-uses and to circulate an annual statistical report to its members
  • to provide annual updates to the Tungsten End-Use Analysis Report covering tungsten market information by first- and end- use for the entire market and in-depth analysis and with a 10-Year forecast for the exclusive use for ITIA members
  • to collate and circulate on a regular basis information relating to the ITIA’s activities and to arrange for publication of a periodic newsletter
  • to liaise and exchange information with other metal trade associations.

How to join ITIA

The following documents provide more information on how to join ITIA.

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The Association is administered by an Executive Committee comprising the President, Vice-President and from two to ten members. The actual number of the members is fixed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The President and Vice President are elected for two-year terms of office by the AGM on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, which also appoints the Secretary-General.

Mr Gao Bo
Deputy General Manager, China Tungsten & Hightech Materials Co Ltd
Dr Andreas Bock
Vice President & Technical Director, Wolfram Bergbau Und Hutten AG
Dr Burghard Zeiler
A Chemist, with 20 years in tungsten commercial business before working for ITIA 2012.

The Secretary-General oversees the daily administration of the business. He/she shall keep the minutes of all meetings and properly keep and file all books, reports, certificates, accounts and other documents and records required by law and prepare for decision by the General Meeting and follow all the Association’s activities.

The Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Committee consists of experts in the fields of health, safety and environment from member companies and led by the HSE Secretariat. The Committee monitors scientific and regulatory developments related to tungsten by periodically reviewing the scientific literature, participating in scientific forums where tungsten is a topic, and developing relationships in the scientific and regulatory communities.

Dr Ranulfo Lemus
HSE Director
A Certified Human Health Toxicologist, joined ITIA in 2013.
Mr Carmen Venezia
HSE Specialist
A Specialist on Health, Safety & Environment regulations (with 39 years practical experience in the tungsten industry), joined ITIA in 2015.

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