Members of ITIA, from different regions/countries, include miners, processors, consumers, recyclers and traders.

Becoming a member

ITIA Members’ benefits include the following and beyond: 

  • access to annual report and updates to Tungsten End-Use Analysis cover tungsten market information by first- and end- use for the entire market and in-depth analysis and with a 10-Year forecast
  • access to an annual statistical report with comprehensive statistics covering tungsten production, processing, consumption and end-uses
  • access to the “Members’ Area” of the website, comprising statistical reports (supply and demand), presentations from the past AGMs, Minutes of ITIA meetings, safety data sheet templates, HSE work programme summaries, studies and publications and regulatory updates
  • discounted rates to attend the AGMs at which the world’s tungsten industry gathers and at which a variety of industry and general papers is presented, and members have priority to join plant/mine visits

The minimum annual subscription in 2024 is US$8,000 but further contributions are payable based on a system structured so that the subscription reflects the size of a company’s tungsten business. Contact the ITIA Secretariat ( for further details.

Any company involved in tungsten may join ITIA, subject to fulfilling the requirements laid down by the ITIA Charter.

How to join ITIA

The following documents provide more information on how to join ITIA.

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