The Database provides ITIA members and non-members alike with easy access to the literature on tungsten and its compounds in biology and the environment. The Database is the first port of call for members and non-members seeking information on tungsten in biology, health and ecological effects, occurrence and concentrations in the environment, and potential beneficial applications for tungsten in medicine and environmental protection. 

Users should be aware that the abstracts of the published literature in the Database are exactly as retrieved from the original literature with no attempt to assess the accuracy of the abstract or the quality of publication or the work reported.

For copyright reasons, ITIA is not able to retrieve and circulate full text for all literature. However, the search results include a URL link to the site where the document may be purchased or, in some cases, downloaded free of charge. Alternatively, a document may be accessed through a web browser and a search engine such as Google Scholar or PubMed.